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3in1 Coffee
All you need to know about 3in1 Coffee.

3in1 Coffee

Coffee has long been associated with work, for its caffeine content is supposedly an energy-perker and thus it plays an important role in most working people life in Singapore for the workload is never ending and at the same time increasing. while excessive consumption of coffee is naturally bad for health, the average Singaporean still relies on coffee for starting their work day. As such, the demand for quality convenience has given rise to the popularity of 3in1 instant coffee mixes.

3in1 coffee has to taste good as well as provide the benefits of normal coffee. Manufacturers are always trying to come up with a better mix of instant coffee to try match the natural goodness provided by the good old natural coffee. However, this is not always an easy task as the benefit of convenience comes with a price, that price is some of the coffee goodness is lost in the process.

3-in-1 CoffeeCoffee when preserved for too long like in cases for the instant coffee has certain effects on the coffee losing some of its natural goodness. Many methods are consistently being developed to help lock the goodness of coffee within the mixture for as long as possible.

3in1 coffee mixes usually contain the 3 following key ingredients:

  • Coffee powder
  • Sugar
  • Non-dairy creamer

Usually, the simple addition of hot water to the mix is enough to whip up a mean cup of beverage goodness.

The following types of mixes of coffee are usually available at at all major retailing outlets such as NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage.

These are some of the coffee products which are available to you at near by stores.

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