3in1 Coffee

3in1 Coffee
All you need to know about 3in1 Coffee.

3 in 1 Coffee Ingredients

Instant Coffee

There are different types of instant coffee used as ingredients in 3 in 1 Coffeemix. The most commonly used in the Spray Dried Coffee is the most economical. About 10% or 2gm of spray dried coffee is used in a standard 20g 3 in 1 Coffeemix sachet. Agglomerated is seldom used as it is higher priced than spray dried coffee and offer no difference in taste from spray dried coffee.

The recent emerging trend is the use of freeze dried coffee in combination with spray dried coffee in 3 in 1 cofee. This type of products are marketed as premium 3 in 1 Coffeemix. There are 3 in 1 manufacturers which have started added health ingredients to 3 in 1 coffee too. Such health ingredients used in 3 in 1 are Collagen, Oligofructose, Ginseng etc.

Non Dairy Creamer

Non dairy creamer is the next prime ingredient in 3 in 1 Coffeemixes. The most commonly used contain 31% fat level. Non dairy creamers are made with hydrogenated palm kemal oil or hydrogenated coconut oild, glucose syrup, sodium caseinate and beta-carotene to add to its creamy colour.

Non dairy creamer constitutes about 40% of 3 in 1 Coffeemix. Some non dairy cream are flavoured. These include hazelnut, Irish cream etc.

Cappuccino creamer is used in 3 in 1 Cappuccino. There is a rising trend in the sales of 3 in 1 Cappuccino. There products are priced higher than the normal 3 in 1 Coffeemix as the makers use higher grade instant coffee and due to higher cost Cappuccino creamer.


Refined cane sugar is the last ingredient used in 3 in 1 coffeemix. Dependin on the sweetness acceptances by the consumers of particular market. Sugar is added accordingly.

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